Heidi White (ozziechica04) wrote in j_music_whores,
Heidi White

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This may be a stretch

I am compiling a playlist on my ipod so I can do some writing and there are a TON of songs I used to have but seem to have lost in the transition between my old computer and this one. It's been two years since then but I notice new songs missing everyday, many of which are very old that I can no longer purchase >.< I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has a track called Akai Hana -you're gonna change to the flower- by Hekiru Shiina from an anime called Eden's Bowy. I went to CDJapan to bite the bullet and buy the damn single that I already bought 10 years ago but it's out of print!! Anyone who can help me would be greatly appreciated!! Or if you can direct me to where I might find it, that would be just fantastic as well!!!
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