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If you are a regular to this community and would like to manage it, please let me know thru e-mail: failureoftheyear@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Welcome you, you japanese music whore you.;)
Well, some information you might need/want to know!


  1. Submit icons for users! Everyone likes new icons, right?

  2. Help out people in need with JROCK/POP MP3's, images, etc..

  3. Be curtious, come on. No one likes a jackass.

  4. This is for JROCK/POP! C'monnn...no anime.. Please?

  5. What would you prefer to other members?

  6. Update atleast once a week, just say something.

  7. If you listen to Utada Hikaru, I already like you. *Wink*

  8. Support! :)

  9. Please, help out the needed.

  10. If you have SoulSeek, post your name up and share!

  11. Discuss what this community needs. We always need input.